"RS, GIS, Climate Change, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Environmental Sensitivity Index, Decision Support Systems, River Basin Management, and Hydrological Modelling."

Welcome to Applied GIS Service (AGS) Team. Our main goal is always to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with our consultancy services. Since we opened our services in Myanmar in Feb 2018, our consulancy service has been great welcoming & promising. We are so glad that you visit our website.

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Biref History of AGS

  • Applied GIS Service (AGS) was initially launched since Nov, 2017. 

  • AGS has a close relationship with Advancing Life And Regenerating Motherland (ALARM) which is a non-profit organization. Currently AGS office is based at the ALARM office.

  • Services targeting to INGOs, NGOs, GOs, CSOs, Private, Researcher & Student. Collaborative working in depth with Experts in variety.

  • Strong working experiences with:

    • Carbon Certification CDM Project in Philippine; 

    • Scientifically, Historical Detail Land Use Assessment through participatory mapping; 

    • Finding Best practice for small farmer irrigation in Kayin State; 

    • River Bank Erosion Assessment,  River Basin Management & Hydrological Modeling; 

    • Climate Change Analysis, Flood & Drought Assessment; 

    • Consulting on Site Selection for Biomass Power Plant Project in Shan South State; 

    • Research on Oil Palm and Customary Tenure project;  

    • Land Cover Classification for Shan South State & Kayin State; 

    • Developing Environmental Sensitivity Index Mapping, 

    • Participatory Resource Mapping,

    • Biodiversity Impact Assessment,

    • Drone Orthomosaic Mapping, etc.​


  • To promote an efficient resource management by using GIS & advanced technology, saving more time & cost.

  • To create high accurate data & information supporting to important decision making process.

  • To support well informed & concensus decision making in sustainable resource management.

  • To provide effecitive decision support tools to local resource management.

  • To participate voluntary services in local resource management process, in Myanmar.

  • To create better opportunity for research development in Myanmar.