Applied GIS Service (AGS) Team

Applied GIS Service (AGS) was initially launched since Nov, 2017. It was officially, registered in Feb 2018, by Directorate of Investment & Company Administration, Myanmar. AGS is already re-registered and the registration number is 111771413.

Besides, AGS is already registered at the System for Award Management (SAM), which is an official website of the U.S. government. ​ DUNS number: 659737602

AGS has a close relationship with Advancing Life And Regenerating Motherland (ALARM) which is a non-profit organization. Currently AGS office is based at the ALARM office.

Services targeting to INGOs, NGOs, GOs, CSOs, Private, Researcher & Student. Collaborative working in depth with Experts in variety.

Support Local Voluntary Service in Sustainable Resource Management and Academic Research Development.

AGS Team is not only providing consultancy service and but also supporting local voluntary service in sustainable resource management.

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