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1. Myanmar COVID-19 Control Decision Support Map

We would like to share the "Myanmar COVID-19 Control Decision Support Map", voluntarily created by by AGS Team team.

It is originally intended to help Myanmar Authorities and Citizens to be able to support Covid-19 disease control. It includes the follwoing information:

1. Important phone numbers for COVID-19

2. History of outpatient travel and where to avoid emergencies 

3. Confirmed Case

4. Patient Monitoring (PUI)

5. State and Regional Hospital Support Equipment (Ministry of Health and Sport of Myanmar)

6. Hospital Support Equipment (Ministry of Health and Sport of Myanmar)

7. Hospital beds

8. Number of doctors and nurses

9. Clinics and pharmacies (OSM 31032020 update)

10. Under 5 years old

11. Over 60 years old

12. Number of Migrant Workers

13. Domestic migrant workers' influence

14. Special areas of concern for large numbers of migrant workers

15. Townships where there are fewer doctors and nurses

16. Townships for Young People

17. Location: Township

18. Number of returnees (Mar 2020 update) (Myitkyina, Myeik)

19. Number of people returning from exile (Mar 2020 update) Large bull Migrant by Village Track of Ngahtogyi township

20. Migrant population in townships in Tanintharyi Region (Mar 2020 update)

21. Quarantine (Mar 2020 update) Restrictions for Immigrant Returnees in Tanintharyi Region

22. Optimized Hot Spot Analysis (using Getis-Ord Gi * statistics) on Myanmar Migrant data 2014

23. Optimized Outlier Analysis (using Anselin Local Moran's I statistic) on Migrant data 2014

Data Source:

(1) Covid-19 Township- and Facility-Level Datasets for Myanmar

(2) 2014 Population Census Data (Migrant) <Sayar Maung Maung Than's FB)

(3) MoHS

(4) 20200331 COVID-19 Contact List by MIMU Towns Points by Maung Ne Lynn Aung FB.

(5) MIMU

(6) Department of Immigration & Population

(7) Geography Department, Myeik University

(8) Thethtoo Naing FB


Credits to all the above data owners.

You can read a few more explanations of the usefulness of this map in the link below.

Learn how to use ArcGIS Webapp to use the "Myanmar COVID-19 Management Tool" ArcGIS Webapp as a way to relieve the boredom caused by staying home all day.

This web app is voluntarily created by the AGS Team since 31st March, 2020.

Thank you very much!

AGS Team



2. Applied GIS Online Training in 2020

3. Myanmar Environmental Report Map in 2020 Demo

Myanmar Environmental Report Map is created by ALARM, technically supported by AGS Team.

Thank you very much!

AGS Team


4. Myanmar 2020 Election Candidates Map

5. COVID-19 Myanmar Data Animation Demo

6. 2020 Myanmar Election Status Map

7. Myanmar Deforestation Visualization

8. Myanmar Deforestation Visualization Dashboard

9. Yangon Air Quality Watch before vs after Covid Dashboard

10. Naypitaw Environmental Conservation Database in 2021

11. 2020 Covid-19 Confirm Case Pulsing-dot Demo

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